Health Conferences in 2015 – Medical Advances

The medical world is advancing and we are lucky to be a part of a generation full of inspiring and innovative information related to our cause of advancing the medical world

Schedule Conferences in March 2015:

  • March 20th, 2015 – Toronto Canada – Rock Johnson Center @ 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    • Discover the latest innovations regarding food and nutrition
    • Fighting against child obesity worldwide
    • Learn what you can do to help and how to donate to the cause
      • New medical treatments regarding how to clean and purify water
  • March 30th, 2015 – Madrid, Spain – Atocha Renfe Conference Room
    • How Spain can join Europe as the top purifiers of water
    • Drinkable water treatments throughout Spain
    • Learning how to improve vineyards (olive and grapes) and the anti-use of chemicals in fertilizers across rural farms

Leading Innovations

  • Latest breakthroughs suggest that mothers must breastfeed their children until the age of 2 years.
  • Benefits in long-term breastfeeding help decrease the risk of child obesity

We have decided to remove all vending machines from schools in Toronto, CA.  Junk food and fast food pose a health risk to our children’s level of health or obesity.

Vending machines must be replaced with snacks full of fiber as seen at such as granola bars, oatmeal cookies, organic fruit bars.  Also suggested is bags of nuts like almonds or cashews but we are weary of peanut allergies in the school.

We encourage cafeterias with school-lunch programs to abandon serving high fat foods such as french fries and pizza.  The breads will all be changed to whole wheat or grain only and whole grain pasta and legumes will be implemented.

Example of a health school lunch:

  • Type of protein – chicken breast without skin
  • Type of carbohydrate – 1/2 cup of boiled brown rice or basmati wild grain
  • Serving of fruit – one apple
  • Serving of vegetable – one bag of baby carrots
  • Dessert – low-fat strawberry yogurt – also counts as dairy

The problem with American public school lunches:

Outrage and scandal caused large nation-wide protests against school lunches in America two years ago.  Studies reported alarming amounts unhealthy food being served to our nation’s children.

Foods that not only will lead to weight gain but do not provide sufficient energy to get the kids through their school day of learning.  Junk food such as french fries or grilled cheese provide no nutritional value which will lead to kids feeling hungry, lethargic and tired throughout the day.

What they need is brain power fiber foods such as tuna whole wheat sandwiches or small packs of almonds and sliced apples.

We convene to discuss our nation’s school system and cafeteria to promote healthy living and eating worldwide.

GeoHealth2004: Surveillance & Intervention

What: The aim of GeoHealth2004 is to promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences in the application of Health GeoInformatics to public health research and practice. This conference follows the very successful GeoHealth2002: supporting decision making in health, which focused on supporting decision-making in public health through the application of spatial analytic methods and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The GeoHealth2004: Surveillance & Intervention Programme is also focused on supporting decision-making in public health with specific focus on the themes

  1. surveillance
  2. intervention
  3. planning & policy

When: Main Conference Sessions run from 23rd-25th November with a wine reception on the evening of the 22nd November, before the start of the paper sessions. The conference dinner will be held on the 23rd November and a conference golf tournament during the afternoon of 25th November, after the close of the main session.

Where: James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand.

Who: the target audience, as was the case for GeoHealth2002, are public health practitioners, academic researchers, GIS and data analysts, decision-makers and their colleagues who provide Health GeoInformatics expertise. We are combining a number of Keynote addresses and Invited papers to set the tone and direction of the conference in which we invite members of the Health GeoInfomatics community and colleagues in the research and academic circles to contribute oral and/or poster presentations.